Virtual Challenge Events for Nonprofits

Raise Money and Engage Supporters

Date: Friday, May 29, 2:00 PM EST (11:00am PT)

Your nonprofit needs to raise money and engage supporters without spending money. GiveSignup's free and flexible challenge platform gives your nonprofit all of the tools to create an interactive and social virtual challenge: push-up competition, cycle/run across your state, dance-athons, and more. With live map tracking, progress meters, easy activity logging, and beautiful activity pages that are integrated with fundraising, your nonprofit can raise more, engage supporters, and save money.

Allison and Bryan will demo how to set up, customize, and promote your nonprofit's virtual challenge:

  • How to set up your virtual challenge
  • Customize your virtual challenge website
  • Grow donations with Facebook Fundraising, drip campaigns, and more
  • Promote your virtual challenge
  • Learn what's coming next!

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