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Your Fundraising 411

Learn more about GiveSignup's free and flexible tools for fundraising in a series of light, engaging, and informative webinars hosted by the GiveSignup team. Sign up for one or more webinars below. If you can't make the date and time, you'll still receive a recording, slides and notes after the webinar. Webinars run biweekly from March 18-May 27.

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Round Up: Activate Supporters Across All Your Fundraising Efforts


Regardless of which type of fundraising event or campaign you choose, the main goal is the same: engaging your supporters and inspiring them to share your cause. In this webinar, Whitney and Chris will summarize all the ways you can use GiveSignup's free tools to connect with your supporters, encourage them to fundraise for you, and reward them for their support.

Promote Year-Round Giving with Digital Fundraising Campaigns


GiveSignup's fundraising campaigns and websites are an easy solution for your nonprofit's peer-to-peer fundraising. Whether it's a limited-time or year-round campaign, your supporters can create their own fundraiser pages and leverage tools like Facebook Fundraising to raise even more. Amanda and Chris will show how to create a beautiful, branded fundraising website in minutes with the GiveSignup wizard.

Engage Supporters Anywhere with Virtual Run/Walk/Rides


For many nonprofits, virtual events saved 2020. But virtual run/walk/rides were around long before the pandemic, and they have benefits in every year. Join Chris and Elisabeth to learn how nonprofits are using virtual run/walk/rides to engage participants across the country - and get people involved with their mission through a truly inclusive endurance event.

Get Creative with Virtual and In-Person Ticket Events


Your nonprofit's usual lineup of live, ticketed events, like galas, dinners, and golf tournaments, may not be possible in their traditional format this year. But you can still get creative with events! Jake and Chris will share ideas for nonprofits to hold safe fundraising events both virtually and in-person, and will show off features of GiveSignup ticket events that save time and connect you with your supporters, wherever they are.

Upgrade Your Online Fundraising with Simple Donation Forms and Websites


Online fundraising is more important than ever, but that doesn't mean it needs to be complicated. Join Amanda and Jake to learn how to upgrade your online donation collection with forms and websites that feature your brand and mission, not ours. Donation forms and websites are simple, yet functional with flexible donation levels, tribute information collection, donation receipts, and more.

How to Scale with a Modern Hybrid Event Strategy


A hybrid event is any race, run, walk, ride, or fundraising event that incorporates both in-person and virtual elements. Hybrid events increase options for participants, widen your pool of potential participants and create built-in contingency plans to manage the unknown. Join GiveSignup account managers Elisabeth and Whitney for practical advice on how your nonprofit can plan a safe, flexible, and fun hybrid event.

Raising More in 2021

Run/Walk/Ride Events

You know the drill. Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, host your own 2021 run, walk, or ride with the leading all-in-one technology for nonprofit endurance events.

Ticket Events

Go beyond endurance with the only ticketing platform that's purpose-built for nonprofits. It's more than just selling tickets - event websites and integrated donations are included.

Donation Forms and Websites

Upgrade from Paypal with quick and easy donation forms, or build a year-round online fundraising portal with free and flexible donation websites.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Engage your supporters with peer-to-peer fundraising for your endurance event and for standalone online fundraising campaigns.

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